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LeadShark System is a data-driven performance marketing agency dedicated to helping aesthetic businesses scale as their business growth partner.

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leadshark system

leadshark system

ready to grow and scale

Supercharge your business with custom strategies tailored for your brand

and start attracting new clients and customers with expert-driven website design, SEO, and digital advertising. Skyrocket your visibility and fuel your growth by partnering with us!

ready to grow and scale

LeadShark System is your premier partner in achieving digital growth and success. Specializing in lead generation and social media marketing, our tailored, data-driven strategies are designed to boost your brand visibility, attract your ideal customers and drive sales.

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ready to grow and scale

How We Are Different

Our commitment to high-quality lead generation, adaptability across various industries, insightful customer collaboration, and transparent reporting sets us apart. Through strategic communication and data-led optimization, we aim to deliver results that take your business to the next level.

ready to grow and scale

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Our Specialized Services


Our VIP custom branding & website experience is steeped in complete luxury, including design packages with a one day turnaround time.

For brands looking for a branding, website and social media facelift

Designed for aesthetic business owners who want to attract high-quality clients and take their business to the next level.


For brands looking to SCALE & GROW their existing aesthetic business with more booked appointments

Our Aesthetic Accelerator consists of data-driven social media ad campaigns designed to attract interested clients and a dedicated team of agents to help transfer interest into booked appointments for your services.

Designed as the ultimate system, it focuses on overhauling your marketing strategies to not only attract but also retain high-quality clients. This program is the solution for practices that have struggled to make their mark in a crowded marketplace.


The client retention app for brands looking to maximize their client lifetime value and increase member retention

As a beta user, we will not charge you for app usage for the duration of the beta testing and up to 90 days afterwards. After beta, the Founders Club offer for users is $497/mo.

 Our latest app is set to start beta testing early April 2024. If interested in the beta, please email

Novuskin is a premier medical spa that is expanding nationally - with locations in Las Vegas, Denver and Frisco. They have over 5,000+ members with over 30,000 facials and 10,000 body treatments performed. Their focus is making world-class care affordable.

Redefine Studios is a boutique aesthetic spa that focuses on non-invasive and holistic approaches to beauty. Located in Las Vegas, they are known for their skin health first approach.

 Cryo Sculpting Lab was voted the best of San Diego 2021 and 2022 by Modern Luxury. They are focused on non-invasive beauty and is set to start franchising in 2024.

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“I’ve been working with LeadShark System since Nov 2022 and it took me a while to take the plunge with working with a marketing agency and after talking to them for about a year, I took the plunge and went ahead with marketing and my gosh…it been less stressful (for me)… Ever since working with them the best thing is that now that I’m not stressed trying to find new clients [on my own] my income has been more stable and it’s been growing month to month. It’s absolutely paying off to work with someone to take care of marketing since that is not my expertise. My expertise is in my business, it’s in taking care of my clientele…I can now focus on what I need to focus to grow my business.”



Quynh A



Quynh A.

Results You Can Trust

LeadShark System was founded on her love of data and research that stemmed from Kuang’s biopolymer research when she was in pre-med and the love for design from her lifelong passion for the arts and aesthetics.

Legally, it’s "Joyce" on her birth certificate but we all call her “Joyci”. She's not just any marketer; she's a data geek at heart, fascinated by data and trends.

Joyci is also your go-to for marketing and design insights, ready to infuse your projects with creativity, support, and an infectious level of excitement.

Joyci founded LeadShark System in 2018 after leaving her corporate designer job from frustration at the lack of data usage.

With a deep passion for blending data analysis with aesthetics, she's since catapulted numerous aesthetic practices from the realm of stagnation to the heights of industry dominance.

"Growing up in the only Asian family from a small town of SW Virginia…I was always so insecure about being Chinese.

As a product of immigrant parents, I was embarrassed by my aesthetics which affected my confidence. I was embarrassed by my features and blinded by comparisons.

As Brooke Alexx’s song puts it, I “Paid the price to fit right in and closed my mind to chase the trends…”

Joyci Kuang




For me and many others, confidence is tied to how we feel and perceive about ourselves.

That is why I am so passionate about working with aesthetic businesses because it’s my way of healing my inner child who threw away that confidence and self love - to now being able to transfer my energy and my efforts to help change and impact lives."

Joyci Kuang




ready to grow and scale

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